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Helping your family achieve peace of mind through every stage of life

We take the time to listen to our clients so we clearly understand your specific needs and goals. We want to understand your life vision, and then create a plan to help you achieve it. We stay with you through the journey from wealth creation through to passing on your legacy.

Life Solutions will work with you to help keep you firmly in control of your affairs, minimise risk, and create lasting financial security and wellbeing.

Explore our robust service offerings below, and find the plan that suits your stage of life.

Services for Every Stage of Life

Starting Out

Time is on your side; it’s all ahead of you. Whether you’re thinking about buying your first home, or considering contributing to your super, you’re beginning the first steps of your financial future. At this stage, it can be difficult to know where to begin when retirement seems a lifetime away, and you’re only just beginning to have a steady cash flow. Trying to sort it all out and come up with a solid plan for the future may seem a bit overwhelming when you're just starting out, but the team at Life Solutions Financial Advisers can help get you started on the right path to a solid financial future.

We can help you in the following areas:

• Goal identification and setting
• Investment education
• Investment gearing options
• Superannuation funds - managed & self-managed funds
• Risk insurance & asset protection

Building Up

You’re off the ground at this stage of your adult life, bringing with it marriage and possibly kids, and likely owning a home. You may be thinking of putting money away for your child’s education and university. But where and how much? Over time, you are reminded that it's time to be starting a savings plan for a better future.

Building up is a time for taking control of your finances and making responsible decisions about your family to provide a secure financial future. But don’t worry, you don’t have to go it alone, the team at Life Solutions Financial Advisers is here to help you build a strong foundation to help you achieve realistic goals.

We can help you in the following areas:

• Investment gearing options
• Wealth creation
• Education savings plans
• Risk insurance/ disability
• Asset protection and asset structuring
• Superannuation funds -managed & self-managed funds

You’ve moved into your peak years at work, and income is up. But expenses can be up too, especially with kids at uni, or changing careers. It’s important to keep your financial plan up to date at this stage, and continue saving, as difficult as that may be. That way you can enjoy the fruits of your labour in retirement.

If this sounds like your season of life and you are trying to balance the pressures of the present with the desires of the future - the team at Life Solutions Financial Advisers can give you peace of mind by helping you stay the course to achieve your personal desires.

We can help you in the following areas:

• Wealth creation
• Investment gearing
• Share investing
• Estate planning
• Superannuation funds – managed & self-managed
• Life insurance
• Trauma & disability insurance
• Asset protection

Staying the Course

You can see retirement clearly on the horizon - but you’re not picturing it with the clarity and abundance you had hoped for. Yes, technically the nest is empty, but your kids still have a few financial ties to you. And now your ageing parents are turning to you for support.

You have just joined a new generation, the "Sandwich Generation” caught in the middle of kids and ageing parents. At this stage you are wondering if you will be able to retire within the timeframe you had hoped to. Don’t worry, the team at Life Solutions Financial Advisers can help you find the balance between kids and parents, and find the peace of mind to keep you balancing well into retirement.

• Transition to retirement pensions
• Superannuation funds – managed & self-managed
• Retirement planning
• Life insurance
• Estate planning
• Income annuities

Finding Balance

Achieving peace of mind will require a solid emergency plan. Helping out with your grandchildren’s education means familiarising yourself with all of the investing options so that you can maximise your savings. Being able to seamlessly pass your remaining assets to your family someday may be beyond the capabilities of a basic will - you’re going to need a detailed estate plan.

If this sounds like the season of your life, and you are struggling to make your way through the pension & Centrelink maze, let the team at Life Solutions Financial Advisers help you break free of the stress and confusion and achieve peace of mind in knowing that you will have the golden years of your dreams and that your children and grandchildren will enjoy the legacy you want to pass to them. We can help you in the following areas:

• Estate planning
• Aged care advice
• Centrelink advice
• Superannuation funds - managed and self-managed
• Term allocated pensions
• Superannuation pensions
• Income annuities
• Legacy investments
• Life insurance

Breaking Free
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